Divine Pantheons

The pantheons are divided; as is usual; according to race. A small write-up is dedicated to each race’s Gods/Goddesses along with names and domains of each. Eventually a small write-up will be done describing the different Gods/Goddesses to give the player an idea of whom they’re praying to.


The dwarves revere their ancestors; the notable ones. They are known as ‘Paragons’ or ‘Elders’. Many families have a particular one they follow the tenets of or pray to, but depending on the situation is the Elder whom you ask for guidance.

  • Azagar Fire-Bellows

The dwarven god of crafting, order and celebration. His domains are Artifice, Community, Fire, Law, and Rune.

  • Laern Deeptracker

The dwarven elder of cunning and the deep places under the mountain, her domains are Animal, Darkness, Earth, Protection and Trickery. Renowned for her ability to melt into the shadows and her facility with pranks, she is worshipped both for her favor, and for her hatred to fall upon the supplicant’s enemies. Equally adept at lighting a fellow sapper’s beard on fire as striking enemies from the shadows.

  • Kagdal Lorefinder

The dwarven Virtue of the learned, he is the Paragon of the Mind, believing that by knowing all, one could conquer all. His domains are Death, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Travel and Destruction.

  • Gowaine The Steel Thane

A much venerated Elder, he is reputed to be the First Thane of the Mountain. Ruling over his people with a velvet glove, he was known for raising his hand against the Dwarves’ enemies with a mailed fist. His domains are Charm, Good, Luck, Nobility, and War.

  • Bjorn The Fel-Handed

A quietly supplicated Paragon, his worship is for either the crazy or the desperate. Known for being the last salvation for cornered dwarves, he blesses his people with a divine madness. This madness gives them strength and fortitude beyond what they would normally be capable of, though many die, alone in the dark bleeding out over the corpses of their foes. His domains are Chaos, Madness, Strength and Glory.


The elven pantheon is replete with tableaus of excess, in every capacity imaginable.
They are flighty, worrisome beings as their great power is only matched by their capriciousness and cruelty. Most revel in their existence, though there are rumors that all may not be as it seems amongst them.

  • Maeve

The nominal head of the Pantheon, she is known widely for the depths of her callowness and passion, she rages like the tide on a sea of emotion. Allowing her whims to rule those around her; she destroys them with dilemmas of their own making. The tide of years are a weighty burden; and how else to spend it than manipulating others for one’s own amusement? Her domains are Fire, Desctruction, Nobility, Plant, Earth and Order.

  • Caradaih Skybreaker

Elven mistress of the great blue, she is equally revered for her benevolence during the planting and cursed for the trials she sends upon her people. These are usually in the form of magical or sentient beings that attack Praemia with an absolute disregard for consequence or pain. Her domains are Animal, Evil, Liberation, Sun, Travel and Weather.

  • Corellon

Elven god of war, Corellon is the old ideal for many elves. Lithe and graceful, it does not detract from his ferocity in battle. Setting the different Fey races that preyed upon the Praemians to flight over the course of millenia, it is said there is not a movement in nature that cannot be reflected in his combat style. Holding himself above the hedonism of Praemia, his worship has fallen into memory for the most part. His domains are Good, Law, Community, Protection, Glory and War.

  • Teluhdian The Sly

Elven god of deceit, he is venerated for his cruel nature and bloodthirsty ways. Demanding a sacrifice upon the winter solstice, the still beating heart of a sentient being must be left on his altar, to disappear into inky darkness moments later. Whether that of a slave or high noble; he cares not, so long as blood is spilled, and treachery afoot. His domains are Death, Darkness, Knowledge, Luck, Repose, and Trickery.

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Divine Pantheons

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